Sludge D-Watering System


Belt Press

BFP..Long is specially designed to dewater sludge coming from clarification tank. Typically concentration of sludge is 0.8 - 3.0 % DS. The flow is up to 40 m3/1 m belt width, depending on consentration.

The capacity depends very much on the character of sludge and therefore the dimensioning have to ask from the manufacturer.


This is the most basic type of Centrifuge Machine that is widely used in many industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, R & D – Pilot Plant, Cosmetic, Food etc. Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge has a Vertical Basket assembly and is easy for processes having Easy to filter material characteristics. The slurry/ filterable material is loaded from the top and then the solids are removed Manually/ scooped from Top of the machine These Machines are available in Four point suspension & 3 point Pendulum/ Suspension assembly


  • Sturdy design & construction as per cGMP norms.
  • Four point suspension type which requires negligible Foundation (Few bolts are to be grouted to prevent Lateral movement of Machine during operation)
  • Centrifuge manufactured as per international standards with inertia platform & AntiVibration mounts to Ensure smooth operation.
  • Vapour Tight Arrangement
  • Nitrogen purging system for Basket & bearing housing/ casing
  • Safety Device such as Zero Speed Lock for the Centrifuge cover.
  • Full validation services available including DQ,IQ/OQ, FAT / SAT protocols.
  • cGMP construction for Pharmaceutical Models.
  • Kilolab Model to Production Models available


  • Fully opening Outer case/ Body with CIP cleaning for better cleaning/ accessibility and validation purpose for special pharmaceutical process application
  • Variable Frequency Drive with the Dynamic Braking System
  • Cake thickness monitor system.
  • Excess Vibration Monitoring & Tripping system
  • Fluid Coupling
  • High Speed RPM for Basket for special application


  • All Stainless Steel/ Hastelloy construction with Contacts / vapor parts in 304/ 316 / 316L built to Custom requirement.
  • All Process contact surfaces finished with corrosion-resistant fluro-polymer coatings / Lining such as Halar (ECTEE), Teflon (PFA)

Manual Top Discharge Type Centrifuge - 3/PT

Model Basket size Dia X Height Volume Under Lip in Ltr. Basket
12" 310x200 10 15
24" 620X330 55 85
36" 930X450 180 250
48" 1235X550 350 450
60" 1540X580 500 700



Manual Top Discharge Type Centrifuge - 4/PT

Model Basket size Dia X Height Volume Under Lip in Ltr. Basket
12" 310x200 10 15
24" 620X330 55 85
36" 930X450 180 250
48" 1235X550 350 450
60" 1540X580 500 700




Filter Press

JABSCAR ENGINEER expertise in PP Filter Plate moulding technology. We share over 17 Years of vast experience in moulding and designing of all types of High Strength PP Filter Presses. Our designed Filter Plates are manufactured from the composition of Pure Polypropylene Virgin Co Polymer material and comes with natural white colour. Designed Filter Plates are able to sustain high pressure and high temperature as per the customer requirement.

Oil Skimmer

In any coolant application scum is generated. If this is not removed it affects the coolant life. A belt skimmer is a very simple product to remove the floating oil.

A belt skimmer is mounted on tank tops. The unit consists of two (2) pulleys. Care is taken that the bottom pulley is below fluid surface level. The top pulley is connected to a geared drive. An endless belt of polyurethane material rotates on the pulleys. Bottom pulley has a self-tensioning arrangement to compensate expansion of belt over time. Fluid flows slowly over the belt leaving the floating oil on the surface of the belt.

The belt scrapes through a pair of nylon scarpers near the top pulley. The scraped fluid is collected a tank. The separator tank is specially design with adjustable baffles. This separates the additional water content and diverts it back to the main tank.


  • 5 HI Rolling Mill
  • Tandel Rolling Mill
  • Stainless Steel Rolling
  • Aluminium Rolling
  • 20 HI Rolling Mill
  • Cylinder Head Cast Iron Machining
  • Cylinder Block Cast Iron Machining
  • Breakliner Cast Iron Machining
  • Precoating Line
  • Taper Roller Bearing

Features & Benefits

  • Used for removing un-emulsified oil.
  • Filtration capacity: 5 l/hr. to 20 l/hr.
  • Continuous cleaning operation. Auto belt tensioning.
  • Ease of maintenance. Single drive. Very compact.
  • Ideal for individual machines and large tanks.
  • Standard sized modules are mentioned in attached PDF catalogue.
  • No filters needed. Very low operating cost.
  • No maintenance cost. Auto belt tensioning.
  • Suitable for any liquid (excluding chemicals)
  • Can be made suitable for viscous oil. Robust, compact, and re-locatable.
  • Can be integrated with existing systems without modifications
  • Runs on only one drive. Requires lesser power.
  • Very smooth & silent operation. Occupies less space.