FRP Lining

FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic) Lining has a very wide application to protect the surface from the erosion / corrosion due to chemical atmosphere or directly because of the chemicals handled there out.

FRP Lining is basically a hand lapping process where Glass Fiber used with different type of resins as per the chemical compositions and type of exposure. The basic advantages of FRP Lining the application are very simple along with the surface preparation required before the application. It does not required the tedious process of sand blasting as in other linings required. And we can select the resin as per the job applications and the cost also varies accordingly.

FRP Tanks

 The premium quality Composite Pressure Vessels are applicable for practically any water treatment application. The FRP windings provide strength to withstand pressures as high as 10 kg/cm2 without any structural damage. The vessels are immune to most chemicals ensuring corrosion free and cost-ef? cient solutions for water treatment.


Online Water Quality Monitors

Jabscar a comprehensive range of online water quality measurement solutions. We provide a total solution to water quality monitoring including the supply, installation, maintenance and calibration of water quality monitoring systems whether they are in remote locations or part of an industrial process application. We have installed anything from an online water quality sensor to a complete network of wireless telemetry systems and water quality instruments