About Us

Shiva Aqua Enterprises is well knows around the nation as "Shiva Aqua" A Leading National Distributor for Quality componets in Indian subcontinent.

Shiva Aqua is a group known for its comprehensive Industry knowledge and innovative approach. by providing, innovative and value engineering solution to OEM'S and End Customers across the country,It is striving to become and be acknowledged as the Leader in Indian Water Treatment industry.

Our Strength lies in identifying right products from the global market, create brand awareness in the market, helping our customers in right selection of the Products, marketing the products at acceptable price levels and terms in the subcontinent and finally provide effective and immediate after sales services to entire satisfaction of their customers.

Our product basket include a plethora of high quality components. Be it Reverse Osmosis/Ultra filtrations membranes, chemicals, Filter media, Activated Carbon, Multiport valves, Instruments, stainless/cast iron pumps; be it pressure boosting tanks or FRP tanks; be it membrances performance chemicals or ion exchange resins; be it high pressure reciprocating pump or simple variable frequency drives. With excellent technical strengths and innovation, within a short span Shiva has become most acceptable name in the market and is recognied and appreciated by best of the OEMS and corporate customers throughout India. Our focus always been to acquire cutting edge products assimilate it and then apply it via user friendly component


Dedicated professionals leading the industry by...

- Providing High Quality Treatment for High Quality Water

- Re-thinking waste water through inovative solutions

- Engaging our community to build stronger partnerships

- Experienced team of chemical engineers

- Core competence in process and detailed engineering

- Long term and trustworthy services

- Motivated and result-driven achievers & team leaders

- Total Commitments to customer satisfaction

Most economical and fixed cost program has made us dependable supplier of mround 500 prestigious industry including Power Palnts, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Cemnts, Steel, Sugar/Distilleries, Dairies etc.

We at Shiva Aqua Enterprises are committed to be at the top of the global water treatment technology. by producing the highest quality and most competitive products and systems, fully satisfying customers with our quality services

Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) of our products are providing to our valued customers.